Manual QA doesn't have to be hard.


With QABuddy, it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
Document your Applications
Write your Tests
QA Rockstardom
Software documentation that feels natural.

Use QABuddy's intuitive structure of Systems and Areas to describe your applications.

Add Notes and Attachments to keep all of your information together.

See associated Test Plans, Issues and Bugs at a glance.

| Create easy to follow, step-by-step Test Cases.
| Use your documentation to generate reader-friendly Test Plans.
| Launch Test Runs, track progress and record Issues and Bugs.
Turn It Up To 11
QABuddy loves to jam with friends. 🎸

Integrate QABuddy into your existing workflows using our robust API and Zapier integrations.

Make sure everyone shows up to practice with email alerts and in-app notifications.

And don't worry if someone accidentally records over the last session. We have your back with a full 30-day change history.
We ❤️ OSS
At QABuddy we love Open Source projects and the awesome developers who maintain them.

We offer a free, slightly limited QABuddy license to manage open source project testing.

Check out the requirements and complete the form to request access for your project.